2020 ProductCamp Seattle Schedule

Thursday, November 5th - 9:00am PT

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Welcome / Intro

Keynote: Dan Olsen

Maria Halstead - Designing High-Quality Data-Driven Solutions


Jeff Lash - The Evolving Product Management Function


Sid Aggarwal - Building a Platform: Thinking and Planning


Terri Eccles - Adapting Not Reacting in Times of Chaos and Change


Jeff Chen - Using UX Research to Find Product Ideas Customers LOVE!

Closing Announcements

Open Networking / Meet the Sponsor (280 Group)

About the Speakers

Dan Olsen

Dan Olsen is an entrepreneur, consultant, author, speaker, and expert in product management and Lean Startup. At Olsen Solutions, he works with CEOs and product leaders to help them build great products and strong product teams, often as interim VP of Product.

Dan has worked with a range of businesses, from small, early-stage startups to large public companies, on a wide variety of web and mobile products. His clients include Facebook, Box, Microsoft, YouSendIt (now HighTail), Epocrates, Medallia, XING, Financial Engines, and One Medical Group.

Dan wrote the bestseller The Lean Product Playbook, published by Wiley. He lives in Silicon Valley, where he hosts the monthly Lean Product & Lean UX Meetup. A frequent speaker at business and tech events, Dan enjoys sharing ideas and comparing notes with as many people as he can. He also gives public and private workshops.

Maria Halstead

As a Washington state native both my college degrees are all from the Northwest.  I have a master’s degree in Software Engineering from Seattle University and my undergrad B.A. in Business Information Systems from the University of Washington.  I started working in the software industry almost 25 years ago.  I have since then worked on many product development and software implementation projects and have held many roles from developer, to business analyst, to sales/technical account manager, to reporting analyst, to product owner and now in my current role as technical program manager.  My entire career has been data centric with experience with EDI, SQL, data analytics, data governance, data science and metrics.  I have worked in the technology space serving a variety of industries from forest products, to healthcare, and most recently data center Hardware testing as a contractor with Microsoft’s Azure Hardware team.

Jeff Lash

Jeff Lash is VP and Group Director of Product Management Research at Forrester. He and his team help product management leaders create world-class organizations and elevate the abilities and expertise of their teams to drive measurable and repeatable product success and business growth. He has 15+ years of experience in product management, product marketing, user experience and product development. Since 2006, Jeff has authored the popular blog How To Be a Good Product Manager (www.goodproductmanager.com). Jeff is on Twitter as @jefflash.

Sid Aggarwal

Sid Aggarwal is a product professional with an experience of 14 years in the tech industry and eight years in building products from the bottom up. This journey has been encompassing three continents, four countries, and in-numerable cities while living and exploring not just the technology but the differing needs of customers.


Given the varying customer groups, he came up with a strategy of his own and lives by a mantra, "I want to learn one new thing and do one new thing every day."

Terri Eccles

Owner, head consultant, instructor, and coach for Virago Labs here in Seattle.

She found product management early and built a career on adapting, learning and thinking critically and creatively.

She was Director of Digital Product at Capital One and the Director of Digital Web at Premera, leading large cross-functional teams building disruptive products in highly complex industries.


She loves bringing people together to reimagine and build products that are deeply impactful on people’s lives. 

Jeff Chen

My name is Jeff Chen. I became a User Experience Researcher before that name existed for what I do. Since 2003, I have understood user behaviors, needs, and motivations to develop new product concepts at Honda, Logitech, Microsoft and Smartsheet. My perspective on new product development is that understanding WHY people might need or want a product or service provides guidance as to HOW that product needs to be designed and HOW businesses can make money from that product or service.