ProductCamp Seattle 2020

Seattle's Premier Product Event - VIRTUAL FOR 2020!

November 5th
9:00 am - 12:30 pm PT
Online via Zoom Webinar
ProductCamp Seattle is the premier product event in the Seattle area.  Organized by the Pacific Northwest Product Management Community  and built from the ground up as an “unconference ”, ProductCamp Seattle is a collaborative conference on topics related to Product Management, Design, Marketing, and Strategy – with content and topics driven by YOU as an attendee.
As with everything else in 2020, this year's ProductCamp is going to be a little different -- it's the first VIRTUAL ProductCamp that Seattle has ever hosted.  You'll notice some small changes, but the basic goal is the same -- a conference created by and for the Seattle product management community!
We will have an ideas forum up and available for session suggestions shortly, come back to check in and submit your ideas!
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