Frequently Asked Questions

What is an Un-Conference?
  • No keynote speakers. No product pitches or any other kind of pitch.

  • The attendees are participants. The participants are the presenters. They are the panelists. Every participant can propose sessions. Then the participants vote on the session proposals. The most popular sessions are scheduled into a grid of rooms and times. That’s how the day is planned. It couldn’t be more relevant and topical to that particular audience.

  • If you wind up in a session that you’re not enjoying, you should obey the Law of Two Feet. Namely: you have two feet; use ‘em. If you’re not getting value out of a session, you owe it to yourself, the group, and the presenter to leave the session and find something else. If you’re not adding value, you’re detracting value, and you’re accountable for the quality of your own experiences.

  • Unconferences are nominally priced.

  • Unconferences are built to optimize networking, engagement, enjoyment.


Who Organizes ProductCamp Seattle?

Pacific Northwest Product Management Community, a non-profit, volunteer organization of Product Management professionals.


What topics can I propose?

More importantly, the question is what do you want to talk about?
It sounds like an obvious question, but many people arrive with a vague idea, but no plan. As a session host, you do not need to necessarily present (in fact many of the best sessions are often round tables or group discussions) but you should be prepared to facilitate.  Have a plan and communicate it to the people that show up.  Remember some people will wander in after you have started, and the mix of people will change as people join and leave – expect this and don’t be offended – roll with the punches!  The ProductCamp Utah site has a great Session Tips article.  My top tip? Keep it interactive! Reading from a PowerPoint deck is a sure way to clear a room!


Do I have to be a Product Manager to attend?

Not at all.  We have all types of sessions that range from UX to Marketing, and Product.  If you work in a related field, if you have interests that relate, or you're a student just looking to learn there is a place for you at ProductCamp Seattle.